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Puerto Peñasco can be a choice destination for those who appreciate flora and fauna, reveals GlobeQuest Travel Club.

GlobeQuest Travel Club knows that anyone seeking to get more in tune with nature can benefit from traveling to Puerto Peñasco.  Also known as Rocky Point, this Mexican destination is a true oasis in this desert climate.

Anyone with a taste for oysters can get an up-close look at what goes on at an oyster farm by visiting Punta Roja, suggests GlobeQuest Travel Club.  Visitors can learn about these edible creatures and the business of harvesting them.  Tourists can then select the best looking oysters and prepare them on the spot.

Tide pools are a natural highlight of this region.  Rock formations along the ocean collect seawater during high tide, then beachcombers can observe these interesting spots during low tide.  Because of its tidal activity, Puerto Peñasco is one of the world’s best places to engage in this activity.  Crabs, sea anemones and starfish may be seen.

Isla San Jorge, or Bird Island, is accessible by boat from Puerto Peñasco.  A home for sea lions, dolphins and sea birds, this protected getaway is a photographer’s dream.  The reef area is also protected, and provides snorkelers a great place to see marine life.

Located mere minutes from Puerto Peñasco is the fourth largest biosphere reserve inMexico, Pinacate Biosphere.  See maar craters, star dunes and towering sand dunes. GlobeQuest Travel Club notes that visitors can also take guided tours that make it easier to spot native wildlife like bighorn sheep and tortoises.

The Morua Estuary is an optimal location for any budding naturalist.  Situated just southeast of Puerto Peñasco along the Sea of Cortez, this ecosystem attracts more than 130 types of birds.  Bring the binoculars to be able to correctly identify species.  GlobeQuest Travel Club shares that kayaking here can be both fun and educational.

Tourists seeking that extra special vacation can find it in Puerto Peñasco.  There are few places that offer what this scenic site does, so crossing the border can certainly be worth the effort.  Take pictures, make memories and plan an incredibly fun trip with natural appeal with the help of GlobeQuest Travel Club.

The GlobeQuest Travel Club was designed for the modern traveler and provides a wide variety of luxurious vacation destinations along with several world-class leisure benefits. With the GlobeQuest memberships, unforgettable vacation experiences can be planned over the phone with a live Vacation Expert or just the click of a button on the member-only GlobeQuest website. GlobeQuest makes building travel experiences easy and enjoyable by providing everything needed to Travel Your Way. GlobeQuest was founded by Grupo Questro and GBS International. Since 1985, Grupo Questro has mastered the development of ecologically responsible, world-class hospitality projects that set the standard for their class. Established in 2002, GBS International supports Grupo Questro by providing personalized resort management and customer care functions.

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