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GlobeQuest Travel Club members invite the art loving tourists to admire the sand sculptures located on the beaches of its main downtown area between the Malecon and water edge. Puerto Vallarta offers great weather, great scenery and loads of fun filled activities but only a few know about its beautiful art galleries, art walks and shows. Its bronze and sand sculptures are only a couple of its memorable highlights providing photo opportunities for thousands of tourists.

GlobeQuest Travel Club members let their imagination run wild when they spend most of their time building sand castles on Puerto Vallarta beaches and enjoy the vibrant city at their own pace. With miles of sandy beaches in and around Bandera’s Bay finding sand for sand sculpting is never a problem. Surrounded by beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains and their colorful flora and fauna the environment around the Tau Resorts in Puerto Vallarta stimulates the flow of creative juices and keeps artists of all types abound.

GlobeQuest Travel Club find that Sand Sculpting is an art form that has been around for years and in order to make intricate sand sculptures on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches you need a shovel, masonry tools along with creativity, talent, time and last but not the least sand. There are numerous clubs that specialize in sand sculpting and hold regional and international competitions.

GlobeQuest Travel Club members have said that they love activities on the beach. Snorkeling, ATV and horseback riding, jet skis and banana boats have all been mentioned as some of the best things to do on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

GlobeQuest Travel Club members say that now is the time to plan your vacation and book in advance in comfortable and affordable accommodations like GlobeQuest Vacation Club that can help enhance the overall luxury of a holiday.

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